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Patt Karubus

Patt Karubus

Patt’s strong business background combines years of consumer research and HR leadership. Her business profile features a wealth of experience in corporate America, where she has served in staff, line, and management positions for companies such as McDonald’s, Marriott, and Cendant.

As a seasoned Qualitative Marketing Researcher, Patt has helped clients to understand the motivations that lie deep inside the heads and hearts of respondents. Patt draws on experience in both the domestic and international arenas to meet the strategic goals and tactical objectives of clients—whether addressing sensitive consumer-related categories or pragmatic B2B matters. She especially loves doing research with children.

Patt’s talent in merging a concrete, practical business mind with a warm, soft-spoken persona sets her apart. Respondents relax when they are with her and, as a result, they are willing to share deep thoughts and feelings. This offers Patt’s clients a revealing look at the people they want and need to know better.

She has presented to research organizations, authored articles, and formally trained clients how to get the most out of consumer research.

As a director of Human Resources and Quality, Patt has worked as a strategic partner to leaders of front-running companies in the hospitality and service industries on a broad range of initiatives and programs. She’s been directly involved with talent acquisition and development, organization design, and continuous process improvement.

Patt has created working environments that provide a balance of corporate recognition and rewards with personal satisfaction. And, along the way, she’s developed, executed, and facilitated an array of training courses for all levels of personnel.

As an award-winning Business Unit Director, Patt knows how to meet deadlines and budgets. She has also successfully built and led both staff and operational teams.

Patt’s leadership style empowers employees to take an active role in and responsibility for their career growth, while she removes obstacles that get in their way of doing a good job.

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Kathy Strickland

Kathy Strickland

Kathy has developed her solid proofreading and editing skills during years as editor of a business-to-business journal. Moreover, she’s been able to refine and perfect reports generated for clients during consumer research projects. Kathy has written compelling articles on business topics as well as historical and genealogical subjects.

Articulate and patient, Kathy is a team player used to interacting with people from many walks of life.

She understands what it means to deal with deadlines. Keeping projects on target is a skill she’s developed over the years.

A curious nature with a sympathetic interest in others is Kathy’s hallmark. Her career includes working successfully with people from a multitude of backgrounds, coordinating and communicating with them while keeping the “big picture” foremost in everyone’s mind.

Kathy’s project management skills have been honed in the editorial field, planning magazines and buyers’ guides. Further, as a field manager in consumer research, she’s handled critical project logistics and communications. Kathy manages recruitment and creates effective questionnaires to attract respondents who specifically meet client needs.

As a writer, Kathy partners with clients, capturing their ideas and experiences and adding background research when necessary. She also double-checks for accuracy. Finally, Kathy co-creates well-written articles with easy-to-read style for clients to publish under their own names. Among her published pieces:

  • Interviews with businesspeople in the United States and abroad
  • Reports on trade shows and seminars
  • General business opinion pieces and articles; for instance, being “green,” business ethics, trends in the field

As an editor and proofreader, Kathy’s eye for detail ensures content that is clearly understandable and grammatically correct. Among the types of communication she has worked to polish and refine are:

  • Business journals destined for U.S. and European audiences
  • Buyers’ guides
  • Research reports
  • Written and electronic correspondence

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